LIGHT: A Generative Album is an ongoing experiment in longform generative ambient music.

As a continuation of my experiments with generative musics on a larger scale, this combination-album consists of individual songs, released across 4 albums in the series (so far) that are designed to be randomly blended together by two or more separate audio players to create a continuous, never ending, never repeating ambient experience.

A one-click soundtrack - perfect for reading, meditating, yoga practice, studying or just enjoying some quality, relaxing me-time.

How the project works

Use two separate audio players that are both set up to randomly shuffle through the same playlist of (and growing) songs. Even though you always start with both players in sync, the fact that each song has a different total length means their start and end times quickly begin to deviate and overlap in interesting and unexpected ways.

This graphic shows how the start and end times of the individual songs deviate over time.

Player 1
Player 2

More About The Album

All of the songs in the LIGHT series are designed to compliment each other tonally. They are all composed in or centered around an A minor tonic base with some varying modes. This means you can blend any two (or more) songs together to create new and more interesting pieces. Although this site only utilizes two overlapping players, you can theoretically combine as many songs together as you want - Placing separate players in each corner of a room or gallery, for instance, to create an ever changing musical experience as you walk around the space.

Albums in the Light Series

Light 1


Songs #01 - 08
Runtime: 2 hours

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Song: 8.extended
Runtime: 1 hour

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Light 2


Songs #09 - 14
Runtime: 1 hour

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Light 3


Songs #15 - 20
Runtime: 2 hours

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